4 of the Coolest 21st Century Romantic Comedies

Romance is in the air now nowadays more than ever. With mutual friends providing cute relationship opportunities, more men and women are securing long-term unions. These relationships require some finesse, in the bedroom and pre-meeting. It is great finally meeting that online soul mate; time to keep things intimate moving forward. Whether you prefer visiting the cinema, renting out movies (is that possible anymore?), or Netflix and chill, the options are plentiful.

Entertaining your Soul Mate

Nothing has changed regarding the effect of movies on relationships. With the right flick, any girl can be yours overnight. Check a few babes on today and make sweet acquaintances over movies soon after. These ladies have little time for small talk and prefer romance. Series like Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, and even Big Bang Theory is okay if less time is available to choose.

However, with Netflix offering movies, TV shows, and others by the dozens, couples are spoilt for choice. Check out the top 4 romantic movies of this century, and decide what works for you.

Think Like a Man (2012)

This romantic comedy boasts of sassy and funny characters you can’t miss watching. With Kevin Hart, Regina Hall, and Meagan Good in the picture, there are several reasons to be enchanted. The movie is a follow-up to Act like a Man, Think Like a Woman. In this flick, a lady develops powers to hear men’s thoughts. This turns out ludicrous, to say the least. As the movie unfolds, turns out the women have been applying a few relationship tips from Steve Harvey. Let’s not spoil the fun.

Crazy Rich Asians (2017)

As the movie suggests, it centers on a bunch of elites, young, rich with plenty to give away, including their hearts. With the likes of Ken Jeong making up the cast, it is a must-watch for everyone. Most of us rarely get a chance to enjoy Asian flicks with substance, except maybe the need for speed flicks. In this movie, rich kids accomplish things hard to come by for many of us. The ensemble in this movie made it good enough for a sequel to be developed. Do not miss out on some Asian romance.

Crazy, Stupid Love (2011)

It is hard to determine why some movies make a top anything list, and this one is subjective. With Ryan Gosling in the picture, anything can happen. In this case, his shirtless scene might be the highlight of the movie, but many believe the ending speaks volumes. It is an exhilarating comedy, unlike many rom-com of the 21st century. The ensemble includes Emma Stone and Julianne Moore too, making it a well-rounded cast.

Always Be My Maybe (2019)

The premise of this movie is being a ‘maybe’, as childhood friends separate during their teenage years to meet again in adulthood. This romantic comedy resembles older flicks of its genre, making it a must-watch for adults too. Park and Wong blend well in the movie, and with the theme being relatable, dates with chicks from will be a hit. Grab some popcorn and enjoy something other than spoofs of Scream and repeats of Friends.

These flicks are by no means exhaustive of things to watch on a date. You can check out other rom-com like This is 40, About Time, and Friends with Benefits. Not everyone likes rom-com that end in tears, meaning action could be better.  

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