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5 Must Have GoPro Accessories

Since its first camera release in 2004, GoPro has sold 30 million units.

Not bad for a camera that started out as a DIY project by founder Nick Woodman. These days, GoPro is a household name.

For those who aren’t in the know, GoPro is a small action camera with an almost endless set of accessories. The options for mounting these cameras anywhere and everywhere are endless, as is the footage they can capture.

To help enhance your GoPro experience, we’ve put together some must-have GoPro accessories in this article. Continue reading to start learning.

1. Waterproof Case

GoPro’s waterproof case is one of the best GoPro accessories for any adventure or outdoor activity. It will protect your GoPro from water, dust, and dirt damage.

The case enables your GoPro to submerge in depths of up to 60 meters without leaking any water. It also has an acrylic port window which allows full-resolution recording and photos without losing any quality or sacrificing clarity.

2. Chest Harness or Helmet-Mounted Clip

Chest harnesses are perfect for those wanting to capture an immersive POV angle. The chest harness is comfortable, allowing you to move freely but maintaining a secure fit.

Helmet-mounted clips are essential for capturing your adventures from the perspective of your helmet. The mount simply clips onto the helmet and securely fastens, allowing you to capture a dynamic angle. With both the chest harness and helmet-mounted clip, you’re able to capture all the intense action or captivating moments that would otherwise be missed.

3. Attachable Lighting

Attachable lighting can make a big difference when it comes to capturing images in low light and highlights the details beyond what your camera lens can do on its own. It also helps to reduce shutter speed, giving you the ability to capture clear shots when in fast-moving spots. With attachable lighting, you no longer need to worry about losing clarity or vibrancy in your shots, plus you won’t miss those all-important details!

4. Motion Detector

The motion detector is one of the must-have GoPro accessories for those who are serious about shooting action camera footage. With a motion detector, the user can trigger the GoPro camera to start recording with the slightest movement.

It is very helpful if you want to shoot for an extended period of time. You don’t have to keep manually pressing the shutter every few minutes. Shop motion sensor camera for your next adventure.

5. Backup Batteries

Never miss a chance to capture the perfect shot by having a spare battery on hand. Generally, the official GoPro batteries are slightly more expensive, though they are believed to prolong the life of your GoPro. With many brands out there, it is important to do research and find the best option for you.

Essential GoPro Accessories

GoPro accessories help make all of your creative video, photography, and storytelling dreams come true! Whether you’re looking for a selfie stick to capture a group shot or a drone to capture a bird’s-eye view, the right accessories help you create amazing content.

To get the most out of your camera experience, invest in a few essential GoPro accessories. Try out the accessories in this article and take your creative content to the next level!

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