7 Workout Supplements to Try in 2023

Have you always wanted to build muscle, improve your gym performance, and recover from a workout faster? Are you ready to take your fitness goals to the next level?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to learn about workout supplements, also known as sports nutrition. Workout supplements are chemical or natural substances that enhance your workout and physical performance. They help your body to gain muscle mass, increase endurance and strength, recover faster and improve a healthy lifestyle.

This article will dive into what you need to know about the best workout supplements.

1. Protein

Workout Supplements to try in 2023 have seen much development in fitness and health throughout the past year. Protein is one of the leading suppliers of top-notch nutrition intake solutions. Their range of protein-based workout supplements contains a variety of proprietary ingredients.

Such as whey isolate, casein, and vegetable proteins. This high-end brand will surely be one of the go-to suppliers many lifters would consider. They offer a wide variety of protein supplement options, including bars, shakes, and ready-made powder mixes.

It’s no wonder why protein is a favorite of athletes around the world.

2. Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate is one of the most tried and true supplements and is a good starting point for any workout support regimen. Creatine helps to produce energy for muscles during exercise. Regular use can help improve the user’s physical performance, increase strength and endurance, build lean muscle and reduce recovery times.

Creatine is also considered generally safe and comes in various forms, allowing people to select what works best.

3. Amino Acids From Plant-Based Sources

Amino acids from plant-based sources are becoming popular workout supplements. They are essential to muscle growth. Also, they provide your body with the energy it needs to push through intense workouts.

Plant-based ones are occurring and are a more sustainable alternative to artificial supplements. They provide your body with the building blocks it needs to support muscle repair and growth. And they also help to improve digestion and reduce inflammation.


There are a plethora of workout supplements that one can try in 2023. Of the many, BCAA (branch-chained amino acid) should be at the top of the list. It is an easy-to-consume combination of three essential amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine).

And that is what the body draws upon for muscle strength and recovery. Studies have shown that this supplement can improve cardiovascular health. It also increases lean muscle and reduces body fat.

BCAAs are beneficial for helping to rebuild and improve muscle tissue. They also reduce lactic acid and work to decrease muscle fatigue after strenuous training. As a bonus, it also helps to promote healthy bones.

They provide a quick source of energy and control blood sugar levels. All these qualities make this supplement ideal for those looking to boost their energy levels, improve body composition and maintain optimal health.

5. Glutamine

As the fitness industry continues to grow and evolve, so do the supplements designed to help improve workout performance. One of the most popular exercise supplements to try is Glutamine. This supplement is derived from free-form glutamate and is a critical muscle fuel source.

Studies have shown that Glutamine can help reduce muscle soreness. It also improves muscle recovery time and even improves muscle building when taken during times of intense exercise.

For those looking to improve their performance and results in the gym, Glutamine is a great supplement to try in 2023. It is a safe, natural supplement with no reported side effects, so it is an excellent choice for those looking to get the most out of their workout.

6. Pre-Workout

A pre-workout supplement is an ideal supplement to consider as it helps to increase energy, focus, and endurance. It’s made up of natural components such as caffeine and B vitamins to provide long-lasting energy.

Include green tea extract to help boost metabolic rate. With this supplement, you won’t have to worry about the jitters or crashing you can experience with other supplements. The formulation helps to reduce the effects of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Pre-workout Supplement also supports muscle growth and recovery. It also helps you gain and maintain mass. Finally, it helps you stay hydrated, helping prevent dehydration and cramping.

7. Citrulline and Omega 3

Workout supplements are essential for the optimal performance of athletes. Two nutritional supplements to consider in the year ahead are Citrulline and Omega 3. Citrulline is an amino acid.

It helps to reduce fatigue and improve exercise performance. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid. It helps reduce inflammation, boost heart health, increase healthy cholesterol, and support joint and bone health.

Both can help with cardiovascular assistance for athletes. Citrulline is best taken in powder form before or after a workout, and you can take Omega 3 in the form of capsules. Combining the two can help athletes to improve their performance.

They also support cardiovascular health. You can discover more here about exercise supplements and equipment that can help put you on the correct path to your objectives, whether for your endurance, less physical and emotional stress, immune system boosts, or improved overall health.

Try These Workout Supplements for Your Fitness Goals

2023 looks to be an excellent year for fitness enthusiasts looking for workout supplements with the rapid development of new, effective products. Some of these products are worth trying, depending on your fitness goals.

Consult with your doctor for an individualized recommendation. Start using the supplements that are right for you.

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