9 Ways to Earn Bitcoin Without Mining It

If you’re considering buying cryptocurrency this 2023, you’re not alone. According to a 2022 survey, 46.5 million people in the U.S. plan to do the same.

Bitcoin, trading as BTC, is still the top choice when buying cryptocurrency for the first time. After all, it remains the most valuable crypto, considering it’s the first of its kind. FYI, there are now over 21,000 other cryptocurrencies in the market.

Despite Bitcoin’s extreme price fluctuations, it’s still expensive and volatile.

The good news is that you don’t always have to buy it; you can also earn Bitcoin for free. The same goes for other cryptocurrencies, such as Ether, Tether, and USDC, to name a few.

But how exactly do you get free cryptocurrencies?

Keep reading, and we’ll tell you all about these legitimate hacks below.

1. Answer Surveys

One of the best ways to earn free Bitcoin is to answer surveys online. Companies use these surveys for research purposes, such as to study consumer behaviors. They also extract data from these studies to learn more about their competitors.

For people to answer their surveys, survey companies provide an incentive. Most used to offer just cash or gift cards. However, with the rise in cryptocurrency usage, some started offering Bitcoin payments, too.

Online surveys can take about 5 to 15 minutes each. How much Bitcoin you can earn depends on the length of the questionnaires you answer.

Cointiply, Swagbucks, Timebucks, and Bitcoin Reward are some websites that offer paid surveys. These are Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites. GPT sites are platforms that pay users to do different tasks online.

To earn as much Bitcoin as you want for free, consider joining all these sites. Of course, you need to register as an account user, but don’t worry; signing up is free.

2. Join Play-to-Earn Crypto Gaming Sites

Play-to-earn crypto gaming websites allow players to generate crypto rewards. These sites use blockchain technology to reward players for their participation and victories. Some also provide tiny amounts of free Bitcoin for viewing in-game ads.

Like GPT sites, some play-to-earn crypto gaming sites are also free to join. However, most have in-game purchase options, such as for character upgrades.

Many GPT websites also offer free crypto if you play games on their sites. You can check out this guide to learn more about earning free crypto through these platforms.

3. Watch Videos

Many GPT sites also allow you to earn free Bitcoin by watching videos on their sites.

Such videos are often from marketing companies that want to gain viewer insights. Thus, you may have to answer a few simple questions about the videos after watching them.

You can then get rewarded for the time you spent viewing the video and answering the questions.

4. Check Out Online Advertisements

Another free crypto-earning option offered by GPT sites is checking out online adverts. Most are 15-second video ads, while others may be up to a minute. After watching the entire clip, you get your free Bitcoin or another crypto you choose.

5. Perform Micro-Tasks Online

Some GPT sites pay you Bitcoin by doing super easy tasks, such as visiting websites. They may offer more if you spend a set amount of time on the site and check the pages there.

Another task GPT sites may ask you is to check out social media accounts and then like or follow them.

6. Mobile App Trials

If you have more time to burn, you may earn more free Bitcoin through GPT sites by downloading and trying apps. Usually, you already get some free crypto by downloading them alone. However, you can make more if you use, rate, and leave a review of the app.

7. Mobile Wallet and Trading Platform Rewards

Some mobile crypto wallets offer rewards like free crypto for signing up with them. These sign-up bonuses can be a set amount, such as $10 or $20, equivalent to your preferred crypto.

Others may reward you with a percentage of your initial funding amount. For example, they may give you an extra 10% of crypto for an initial purchase of $500. In this case, you get an additional $50 in the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Trading platforms may also offer rewards for higher deposits or trading amounts. For example, you may get $100 in free crypto each time you buy crypto worth $1,000.

8. Referral Programs

Many GPT sites run referral programs that award you with free cryptocurrency. With these, you refer friends or family members to the platform and get them to sign up.

Once your referrals have registered, they may have to meet other requirements. For instance, they may need to complete one or two tasks. After that, they get their rewards, and you also get your referral bonus.

Mobile crypto wallets and crypto brokers also offer referral rewards. But their terms differ; for example, they may require your referral to make an initial deposit. Once completed, they then reward your wallet with the stated bonus amount.

9. Online Shopping Rewards

Another great way to earn free Bitcoin is to use affiliate websites when you shop online. These platforms often have tie-ups with merchants that then pay them a commission. Shoppers enjoy a part of that commission through crypto rewards.

For example, suppose you want to purchase something from Macy’s, Gap, or Sephora. Instead of buying directly from these sites, you use an affiliate website. Some affiliate sites may ask you to download a browser extension.

After paying for your purchases, the affiliate site rewards you with free crypto. It can be a cashback, such as 10% of your total bill. So, if you paid $150, you get $15 in Bitcoin as your cashback.

Earn Bitcoin for Free With These Hacks

From answering surveys to online shopping, these are all great ways to earn Bitcoin for free. However, ensure you do your due diligence and only sign up with legitimate platforms.

As a final tip, set reasonable expectations for the freebies you can earn. After all, we’re talking about free crypto, so expect it to be a small amount. Still, your earnings will add up if you spend enough time on these hacks.

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