Building Brand Identity: 4 Tips to Keep In Mind

Stop and think about your brand for a second. Is it widely recognizable in your industry or among your target demographic? What traits do people attribute to your brand?

If you can’t answer these questions positively and definitively, your brand needs some work – starting with its identity.

Building brand identity can grow your revenue by 20% or more. It’s your brand identity that will turn new customers into repeat customers, and eventually into loyal customers that pass the word along.

Here are four tips to get you started.

1. Know Your Mission and Target Customers

Know your mission and who you serve, or else your brand will lack substance and direction. Brainstorm ideas about your brand and its strengths, objectives, and unique selling proposition. Hammer out a mission statement that guides everything your brand does and how it communicates.

From here, study your current customer data to figure out who you serve and how you can better serve them. You can also use customer personas to consider what type of customer you’re in the market to go after. All of these elements can assist you whether your brand just needs some improvement, or whether you need an entire rebrand.

Understanding when to rebrand and when to make adjustments will cut out time waste and help you get productive with building your identity.

2. Pick a Great Color Scheme

Much of your marketing today will take place on highly visual media, such as social media platforms. Choosing a color scheme lets you hit the mark with your advertising. It expresses your brand and its mood and appeal while providing consistent messaging to colors.

Choose a color scheme that stands out among your competition, and apply these colors to all of your marketing tools.

3. Use Your Logo

Having a logo is a huge part of brand awareness today. It’s how people will recognize and connect with your brand, even if they find out about you now but don’t do business with you until much later.

Per the marketing law of sevens, it takes people seeing something related to your brand seven times before it makes an impact on them. Having a catchy and effective logo that you use in several outlets is an excellent way to hit this number.

4. Create Plenty of Content

You can accomplish just about all of your business goals today if you’re able to master content marketing. It’s a type of marketing that forms a connection with people and helps you express your brand however you’d like.

This can mean having a blog for your website, starting a YouTube channel, developing courses, or any other content strategy that will help people connect with your brand.

Building Brand Identity, Made Simple

The points above will help you out when you’re working on building brand identity. If you’re able to accomplish this, the sky is the limit with the amount of new business that you can generate.

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