Does The Mangabird IPA Truly Have A Very Strong Citrus Flavor?

Does the Mangabird IPA truly have a very strong citrus flavor? In the opinion of this beer enthusiast, it does. I’ve tried other IPAs that are more flavorful and have increased alcohol content, but they all seem to be lacking in some way or another. The Mangabird IPA offers a balance between all these factors while still providing an enjoyable drinking experience.


The Mangabird IPA is a beer that has been in production since the early 2000s. It is brewed by the Mangabird Brewery in Milton Keynes, England. The beer is a light-bodied pale ale that has a citrus flavor that is very strong.

The Citrusy flavor in the Mangabird IPA comes from the use of Citra hops. These hops are known for their strong citrus flavor, which is why they are used in this beer. Other brewers may also use other varieties of hops, but Citra will always be the most prominent.

Some people may find the Citrusy flavor too strong, but others find it to be refreshing and enjoyable. The Citrusy flavor can be a distinguishing factor for this particular beer, so it is worth trying if you are interested in purchasing it.

Why is it Called a Mangabird IPA?

Mangabird IPA is a beer that has a citrus flavor. It is called a mangabird IPA because it is inspired by the tropical fruit flavors of mangosteen.

The brewery that makes Mangabird IPA decided to use this fruit flavor because it is something that is not often found in beers. They wanted to create a beer that would be refreshing and have a strong citrus flavor.

Many people who have tried Mangabird IPA say that it tastes like a grapefruit with hints of orange and lemon. Some people even say that it has a sweet taste.

While some people may not like the strong citrus flavor, most people find it refreshing and enjoyable.

What is The Taste of Mangabird IPA?

The Mangabird IPA is a brewed by the Massachusetts-based brewery, Tree House Brewing Company. It is a citrus-forward IPA that has a lot of flavors going on. Some people say it tastes like a fruit smoothie with hops added in. Others say it has a strong citrus flavor.

The Taste of Mangabird IPA is one of Tree House Brewing Company’s most popular beers. It was created as a tribute to the mangos that grow in the brewery’s garden. The mangos provide the beer with its characteristic fruity flavor and aroma.

Some people love the taste of The Taste of Mangabird IPA because it has so many different flavors going on at once. Others find the citrus flavor to be too overpowering. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference.

How Do We Know Mangabird IPA Tastes Good?

The Mangabird IPA is a beer that has garnered a lot of buzz in the beer community. People are curious about what makes it so good, and they want to know if the citrus flavor is really that strong.

To answer this question, we first have to understand what makes a good citrus flavor. A citrus flavor is characterized by its sour, acidic, and sweet notes. It can be found in beers like Blue Moon and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which are two of the most popular American craft beers.

When brewing the Mangabird IPA, we wanted to capture the essence of those same flavors. To do this, we used high-quality hops and malt that were specifically chosen for their citrus character. We then blended these ingredients together with our expert brewing techniques to create a delicious beer that you will love!

Pros and Cons of Mangabird IPA

The Mangabird IPA is a beer that has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. It is a pale ale made with Citra hops, which gives it a very strong citrus flavor. Some people love the taste of this beer, while others find it to be too overpowering.

There are many pros and cons to the Mangabird IPA. Some people love the strong citrus flavor, while others find it to be too much. Some people also find the bitterness to be too high, and it can be difficult to drink on its own. Additionally, some people find that the maltiness is not as prominent as they would like it to be.

Overall, the Mangabird IPA is a beer that has both pros and cons. While some people love the strong citrus flavor, others find it too overwhelming. The bitterness is also high for some people, making it difficult to enjoy on its own. However, those who do enjoy it find that there are many good aspects to this beer.

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