Here’s What You Need To Know About The Word Gobó

Gobó is a common word in Spanish and Portuguese that means “to eat”. However, that’s not the only meaning of this word. In Spanish-speaking countries, “gobó” is also used to describe someone who eats with their hands.

What Defines the Word Gobó?

The word “gobó” is derived from the Spanish word Gobó meaning government. In its simplest form, the word “gobó” is used to describe a group of people who are in charge of something. For example, a company might have a go-between who is responsible for communicating with the government about the company’s needs.

When Did The Word Gobó Come Out?

The word “gobó” is a Spanish word that means “to gobble.” The word is derived from the Old Spanish verb Gobó meaning “to eat greedily.”

What Other Words Are Related To Gobó?

There are a few other words related to gobó. Gobón is the Spanish word for goose, and gobín is the diminutive form. Gobón is also used as a term of endearment for a man, similar to how “buddy” is used in English.


If you’re ever looking to spice up your vocabulary, you should definitely start learning about the word “gobó.” Gobó is a Polynesian word that means “to scoop” or “to grab.” It’s often used in Hawai‘i and other parts of Polynesia to describe what someone does when they catch something.

For example, if someone is fishing and they see a fish swimming near the surface, they might say, “He gobód me kanaka!” which means “He scooped me!” The use of gobó in this context is really just an abbreviation for the phrase “he caught me with his hand.”

So next time you’re out on vacation and hear locals talking gibberish, be sure to pick up on some of their local words like gobód and kanaka (which are both Hawaiian words).

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