How Animation is used in Marketing?

Are you looking to expand your business through marketing also? Well, it is a common concern of every startup these days. The term “marketing” has undergone quite dramatic changes. Modern marketing fashion is far different from the primitive style.

You will see one of the common trends of using animation in marketing. Today, marketing delivers engaging content to the audience. In other words, marketing is all about “audience”. A brand has to hustle to fascinate its target audience through animated marketing.

Animation has been evolving for many years. From paper-pencil sketches to advance and state-of-the-art animation software. Contemporary animation involves skill and creativity. It contains a higher ability to drive your message across masses more than any other medium as well.

In this article, you are going to explore how digital marketing is inclined towards animation. The discussion also involves some important forms of animation and frameworks to use them.

But before jumping onto the actual topic, let’s talk about how animation spell-bounds your target audience.

How to use animation to captivate an audience?

It is a common debate on the magic, animation creates for your audience. Animated marketing urges your audience in different ways. It includes some of the core elements that contribute to the collateral impact of animated content.

These are the brand’s story, copywriting, pain-point, solution, music, and others. Each of these elements plays its role to elaborate on your brand’s message with boldness.

It means animated marketing reinforces your brand’s presence among people and persuades them to the desired action.

Below are some of the factors that support this perspective:

1.     Keeps the Audience Engaged: One of the toughest factors to work on during marketing is to captivate the audience. If the viewer is not curious to learn more about your brand, they will not buy it as well.  Animation has greater power to induce an intriguing sense among your target audience.

Animation in marketing is flexible to provoke emotions. These can be negative and positive emotions. Emotion is the first step that leads to curiosity. After that, the viewer gets convinced by your message through a CTA.

2.   Easy to Consume: You might have not wondered why the latest educational or explainer videos are mostly animated. The reason is that these convert compound topics into easy explanations.

The best example that advocates for this point are TED’s youtube channel. If you try and explore their videos, what is one common thing in them? Animation!

It is because they are leveraging animated content for the sake of educational feasibility. So that a layman or even an illiterate can understand their subjects with minimum effort.

3.   Animation is Entertainment: As a marketer, you cannot miss out on animated content to entertain your people. About 60%-70% of viewership love the punch of entertainment in social media content. An amusing approach to connecting with your audience is vital to your brand’s existence during tough times of competition.

What are the important ways to use Animation in marketing?

Animation can give you a long-term vision of your brand’s marketing and email campaign. It is also much more versatile than any other medium as well. Some of the common ways to use animation for marketing are by placing them on your website.

Another interesting way to use animation for marketing is to use them in email campaigns. You can attach a short-animated video with prioritized emails to intrigue a person more.

Recent studies have shown that viewers are more reliant on animated content scattered on social media for the past couple of months.

Following are some standard types of animation and relevant details for their execution:

1. Brand-oriented Animation: These are brand-specific animation videos. A complete package that showcases what exactly you are trying to sell and talking about. Bear in mind that you produce such videos to increase brand awareness. As a business, your goal is to convince your audience in a few seconds by brand animated videos.

How to use: Brand animation works better when positioned with a strategy. The reliable way to use brand animation is to place them on your brand’s website in a separate section. In some cases, you can use these animations to convey your idea to clients during presentations.

2.   Explainer Animation: An explainer animated video depicts your services. It is a compelling channel to tell your audience about the value or USP of your product or service. Explainer videos are more likely to cut short a complex concept for the audience. It paves a path for easy contemplation for them each time.

How to use: Explainer animated videos are for flawless conversation with your audience. You can execute these videos on your socials. Plus, these go well with your website. Always remember that an explainer video has to be short in length. You cannot neglect the diminishing attention span of your audience at all.

You will see a fusion of motion graphics and animation in a plethora of places. The motive behind this fusion is to catalyze the deliverance of your brand’s message to as many people as possible. Considering this fact, you can have a look at BuzzFlick for exceptional motion graphics services.

3.   3D Animation Videos: Several businesses are implementing organic 3D animated videos in marketing campaigns. The reason is the realism of such animation at its core. The purpose of every digital startup today is to resonate with its audience.

Particularly in digital marketing, 3D Animation has an inexorable position because of the genuine feel it delivers to the audience. A 3D animated advertisement looks real but it’s not.

How to use: A 3D animated ad campaign can go well with delivering your products and services. Besides, you can execute such animation on your social media platforms. The viewership is gravitating more towards a short span of content. So it is beneficial to use compact 3D animated videos in all cases.

4.   Animated GIFs: You can experiment with animated GIFs wholeheartedly. There is no doubt that a GIF format is appealing to the eyes. Assume you are a brand that is a telepharamcy. Now, you can execute GIFs to announce a new feature of your app. GIFs can be used to manifest discounts and important announcements as well.

How to use: These work best for ad campaigns and social media posts.

5.    Minute Animation: One of the earliest social platforms that leveraged minute animations were Facebook (META). Facebook had launched these animations as reactions to a post. When you tap the like button on a Facebook post, it gives you different reactions like laughter, care, anger, or sadness.

How to use: Minute animations are recommendable for your brand’s website. If you are entirely a social media brand like Instagram or Facebook, then minute animations can prove to be fruitful for you.

In other cases, your website can be a good option to outperform your business rivalry. Besides, it will help the visitors have an amazing experience with your website as well.

Closing Remarks

The horizon of animated marketing is out of bounds. You are free to run an animated marketing campaign for your brand’s future success. There is no one reason to admire animation for marketing. In this article, you got to know about different platforms and institutions that are implementing animated stuff in the most convincing ways possible.

A section in the article took you through different forms of animation as well. The attached details give you an idea about the prominent places to use animation in marketing.

These are some fail-proof positions that can help you make the most out of animated marketing no matter the competition. With the hope, that this discussion was helpful to you, it brings us to the wrap of the article.

But before that, if you want to get practical knowledge on animation, check out BuzzFlick, a video animated production studio. They have a versatile portfolio of quality production of animated and motion graphics content.

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