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How to Choose the Best Artwork for Your Home

There’s something about art that can make a home stand out. About 51% of American homeowners decorate their homes with artwork that’s meaningful to them – not just the surface appeal.

When it comes to decorating, nothing speaks more than artwork. But getting the right art can be challenging. You want to make sure you pick something that works well in the space, that you love every time you look at it, and that it goes well with other decors.

Consider Proportion

When considering proportion for an artwork, say a photo art, it’s crucial to consider what you want it to be a conversation piece, a statement piece, or to add visual interest or color to the room. A good rule of thumb is to choose pieces that can fill the space without overpowering it.

Your artwork should be proportional to the amount of wall space and proportion to other furniture pieces in the room. Additionally, you should place artwork at the right height to create an attractive focal point and an inviting atmosphere.

Assess Color and Tone

Create an accent wall to highlight the artwork and showcase its colors. When selecting artwork, keep it in the same general color palette and tone as the room’s existing colors, furniture, and artwork. Colors with similar undertones, such as warm blues, greens, and browns, will help mediate intense colors like purples and oranges.

Warmer colors are associated with comfort and cozy feelings, while cooler colors evoke relaxation. Artwork with a single strong color, such as blue, can help improve a room’s mood. In contrast, artwork with a peaceful and similarly toned color palette will complement your furniture.

Evaluate Materials and Techniques

Ink, oil, and acrylic paints have distinct looks and feel. Is the art done in an impressionistic style or one which relies on intricate brush strokes? Evaluate the quality of the technique with an eye for smooth blending, even coverage, and quality of the tool marks.

Painted art shouldn’t look amateurish or hasty. Uneven application or color streaks could indicate that the artist isn’t experienced enough and won’t last over time.

If you’re looking for a more modern take, you can opt for photography art. Consider aspects like framing, sizing, and materials used, such as canvas or metal. Check out this gallery to get the best pieces that fit your style.

Establishing a Realistic Budget

It is easy to get carried away by the artwork you love, but it can quickly become expensive if you buy artwork that’s too pricey for your needs. Consider the size of the piece you are looking for and your current budget.

Research different artists to find the type of artwork you are looking for that best fits your budget. Additionally, consider the quality and framing of the artwork you are looking for, as this can add to the overall cost. Shopping online is also an option, as online artwork retailers often have reduced pricing and a more extensive selection.

Find the Best Artwork to Spruce Up Your Home Today

Finding the right artwork for your home is vital to creating a space that you love. When you know how to choose the best artwork, you’ll have pieces that match your lifestyle, evoke emotions, and showcase your style.

Styling your home with artwork doesn’t need to be overwhelming. All you need is the proper guidance and expertise.

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