How to Diffuse the Anger of an Irate Customer

Did you know that 13% of unsatisfied customers will tell at least 15 people that they’re unhappy with a product or service?

That’s a lot of people. That also means word-of-mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tools.

However, every company has an angry customer from time to time. It’s inevitable. When that irate customer comes stumbling through the front door, how do you diffuse the situation?

If you are wondering how to deal with angry customers, this short and simple guide is for you.

Notice Your Feelings

Before you can deal with an angry customer, recognize that your feelings can influence how you respond. If you’re feeling angry yourself, take a few minutes to calm down before continuing the conversation.

Walk away from the situation for a few minutes, or take some deep breaths. This will help you regain control of your own emotions so that you can respond appropriately.

Be Empathetic

If someone is yelling at you, they are probably upset about something and want their voice to be heard.

Let them know you understand why they feel the way they do. Tell them you are there so that you can help them resolve their issue.

Apologize if Necessary

Even if you did nothing wrong, apologizing can help ease tensions between you and difficult customers.

And even when there was a mistake made by an employee of yours, apologizing can usually go a long way toward defusing anger. When you apologize, be sure to do so humbly and without excuses.

Listen Carefully

Ask questions and try to understand the customer’s point of view.

When they’re finished talking, ask them how they would like things resolved. Try not to get defensive or confrontational unless it’s necessary.

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Acknowledge Their Feelings

If the customer is frustrated or angry, acknowledge how they feel.

Don’t downplay their feelings or make them seem silly for being upset. Instead, try saying something like “I understand why this is so important to you.”

Keep Your Tone Even

Even if you disagree with the customer, keep your tone even and polite.

If they’re upset but haven’t yet expressed their feelings clearly, don’t assume that you know what’s bothering them or how to fix it. Instead, ask open-ended questions that will help you understand their point of view.

Don’t Take Their Behavior Personally

Even if you think the customer is being unreasonable, don’t take their behavior personally.

An angry customer may have nothing to do with you or your company. They could be upset about something completely unrelated.

Don’t assume that it’s your fault just because the person is yelling at you.

This Is How to Deal With Angry Customers

So, how to deal with angry customers?

Handling an irate customer isn’t always fun, nor is it easy. But learning how to diffuse anger can make your job easier and help you sleep better at night.

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