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How to Start a Holding Company in Belize?

Offshore investments have been one of the growing platforms that are widely opted by business investors that helps them to safeguard their assets and properties.

With the feasibility of dealing with offshore transactions at ease, Belize has set a benchmark as one of the favorable offshore investment destinations. The concept of Holding Company is one such area that is widely opted by high-net-worth individuals and business owners.

Proceeding with an offshore holding company in Belize will help the business investors to safeguard their available assets. If you are looking forward to the same, then this is the right place for you. By the end of this article, you will get a clear idea regarding the essentials that need to be followed while setting up an offshore company in Belize– a holding company. Let’s start.

What is a Holding Company?

A holding company is a legal entity that gets established with the core intention of controlling other companies by owning their properties and assets and owning the shares of a corporate group. It is important to note that a holding company doesn’t produce any goods or services.

Offshore Holding Company in Belize

Belize provides a favorable ground for business investors to invest in holding companies, which can be utilized for numerous purposes. A Belize Holding company will not deal with any business transaction but will manage and store the shares of other companies.

What is the Process to Start a Holding Company in Belize?

The incorporation of a holding company involves numerous steps that need to be followed accordingly. Now, it is to be noted that any investors who are proceeding towards the opening of a holding company need to incorporate an International Business Corporation (IBC). However, one has to deal with the relevant processes while setting up an offshore holding company in Belize.

  1. The company name needs to be selected
  2. Required documents are to be presented to the registry
  3. Once submitted, the verification process takes place
  4. After incorporation, an offshore bank account needs to be opened

Why Belize as an Offshore Business Destination?

Most of the business investors prefer to proceed ahead with the region of Belize as their offshore business destination due to the following reasons:

  • No paid-up capital requirement
  • Stable jurisdiction holding a high reputation
  • Implementation of modern offshore legislation
  • No accounting and audit requirements
  • High-level of anonymity and privacy
  • Allowance of bearer shares
  • The company gets incorporated with the presence of one director/ shareholder

By now, you have got a complete idea regarding the core reasons why business investors prefer to choose Belize.

While dealing with the incorporation process, proceeding with business experts turns out to be a good move for the business investors as they can focus on their time and resources and can effectively use them. Apart from that, an investor can gain the following benefits:

  • Experts can solve the business proceedings at ease
  • The business experts can provide market insights
  • They act as a guide
  • Lessens the burden to a great extent

Apart from the points stated above, here’s a guide on How Business Consultants Help to Start an Offshore Business in Belize.

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