Important Characteristics For Cardboard Tubes

Cardboard tubes have stood the test of time, with more people realizing their wide range of uses. So, it’s no surprise that there has been an increase in the number of paper tube manufacturers. Though it’s good to have options, the increase necessitates users to understand vital tube properties. Here are some of the most crucial characteristics.


Stiffness is vital in cardboard tubes regardless of their intended use. The stiffer a tube, the more resistant it is to bending and other forces.

But, how do you test a tube’s stiffness? Well, there are various ways to do so. But, the most effective one is an assessment of the tube’s flexural modulus.

Essentially, the higher a tube’s flexural stiffness, the harder it is to deform it. A reliable manufacturer will be willing to disclose their products’ flexural modulus.


Durability is an essential property for all products. You don’t want to keep replacing your cardboard tubes every so often.

Ideally, cardboard tubes should support a lot of weight. And, they should be tear and wear-resistant. After all, they’re made of resilient wood fibers.


What’s a discussion about manufacturing without the mention of the environment? Manufacturing companies receive a lot of heat for their impacts on the environment.

But not paper tube manufacturers. Companies like Crescent Paper Tube use recycled materials for production.

Hence, their cardboard tubes are better alternatives to plastics and other synthetic polymers. Why risk causing further damage to the environment when cardboard is a more sustainable option?

Moreover, buying cardboard tubes improves environmental and safety regulation compliance. Regulations you don’t need to worry about include:

  • The toxic packaging model legislation- no metals are used in tube production.
  • California proposition 65 legislation
  • EU REACH regulation- for buyers in the European Union.

Light Blocking Capabilities

There are many uses for cardboard tubes. However, the product is mainly used for packaging.

These tubes are excellent for light-sensitive products like delicate artwork, wine, and drugs. Their opaque nature reduces the risk of items coming into contact with direct sunlight.

Insulation Capabilities

Cardboard tubes’ insulation capabilities are a huge money saver. You don’t need to incur expenses blocking out or trapping heat.

So, how does cardboard act as an insulator? Well, as previously mentioned, cardboard is a byproduct of wood.

Wood in itself is an insulator as it’s pretty dense. Thus, it can’t conduct or transmit heat.

But, it’s worth noting that the tubes’ insulation capabilities don’t last forever. Still, when compared to substitutes like metal and plastic, cardboard is a more long-lasting option.


Cardboard tubes don’t deteriorate after a single-use. So, individuals can reuse them for various purposes.

You can use this to your advantage by branding all your tubes. Essentially, this involves using the tubes as promotional tools. This way, your customers will remember your business each time they reuse their tubes.

How Do You Choose the Right Cardboard Tubes?

You’ll come across many cardboard tube options once you start looking. In essence, your business needs will determine the best option for you.

Do you plan on using your tubes to transport breakable items? If so, stiffness is the core property to consider. Hence, you’ll need to find a manufacturer whose products have high flexural stiffness.

Quality is also a vital factor to consider. You don’t want your cardboard tubes to fall apart even before you get to use them. Look for products with ISO certification, as this often proves they’re of high quality.

Paper Tube Manufacturers Have Revolutionized Packaging

Cardboard tube properties make them ideal choices for various businesses. Their stiffness and light-blocking capabilities make them excellent choices for packaging sensitive products.

And their insulation capabilities make them cost-efficient. You can’t go wrong when you choose cardboard tubes for your needs.

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