Instagram Story Ideas Your Followers Will Love

Social proof is very important when it comes to attracting and retaining Instagram followers. If it seems like everyone else is having a great time, your posts start to blend together, and it’s easier to unfollow than to continue scrolling through the same type of content.

That said, when it comes to Instagram story ideas, we tend to get a little stumped. Sure, we can post pictures and videos, but what else?

Taking advantage of your followers’ curiosities can go a long way towards hoping their interest. Here are a few Instagram story ideas that are sure to keep them coming back for more.

Use Creative Instagram Story Layouts

Instagram story ideas your followers will love are about creating fun and engaging content for them. You can come up with fun interactive stories or ask your followers to guess by using creative Instagram story layouts. One fun idea is to use a template with fill-in-the-blank statements.

For example, you can ask your followers to “finish the sentence” or “fill in the blank” with their own insights and experiences. You can also use color mixing to create an interesting layout for your story.

Combine a sample of two different colors to make one unique color and create a story surrounding this. Choose an interesting photo and design around it. Use fun emojis, and stickers, and pick out a cool font to make your story more captivating.

Utilize High-Impact Filters to Catch Attention

High-impact filters from Instagram can be utilized to draw attention to storytelling content posted on an Instagram story.

When used properly, these filters can make a post more:

  • vibrant
  • eye-catching
  • unique

For example, Instagram stories are the perfect platform to use these filters to showcase art, local attractions, or interesting places visited. Utilizing color-filling, tilt-shift, or other high-impact filters can help add extra visual appeal that followers will appreciate.

Harness Polls and Questions to Engage the Audience

Utilizing polls and questions in your IG story is an easy way to get your followers/audience engaged and stay connected to them. Ask them about their experiences, what services they would recommend, or even just a simple yes or no question.

Once they answer, use reposting and story highlighting to showcase the responses from other viewers. This way, followers will understand that the content is being seen, heard, and valued.

Additionally, polls provide an easy way for followers to give their opinion or rate things and also offers you valuable feedback. So next time you post stories, try to add variety with questions and polls – your audience will appreciate it!

Share Snippets From Your Life to Connect with Followers

When sharing snippets of your life on Instagram stories, you have a great opportunity to connect with your followers. They love to feel involved in your everyday life, so it’s important to keep your stories varied and interesting.

Here are some ideas that your followers will love: Share sneak peeks of upcoming projects; Ask followers their thoughts on a particular issue; Host a Q&A or mini-discussion; Showcase your favorite recipes and culinary skills, and more.

If in doubt, you may opt for social media services that can help you out!

Explore These Instagram Story Ideas

These Instagram story ideas are a great way to keep your followers engaged, interested, and entertained. By using unique and creative ideas, you can craft stories that followers will love and continue to come back for.

Start creating great stories today to draw attention and boost your visibility.

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