Is It Worth Having A Leased Line Connection?

In simple words, a leased line is a special form of internet connectivity. The term leased is used for it because you have to pay a monthly rent to your service provider. A dedicated internet connection allows a business to get a reliable connection with ultra-fast speed and fixed bandwidth. It is a private connection that you do not need to share with anyone.

As a result, there are no notorious busy periods. With such a connectivity solution, your upload speed and web browsing will never go slow and sluggish. You may be wondering whether it is worth it to invest in a dedicated internet line or not. Let’s have a look at its benefits and drawbacks to find the right answer. 

Advantages Of Leased Line

A leased line connection offers numerous benefits to businesses which are as follows:

Symmetric Speeds

Dedicated internet lines provide symmetric upload and download speeds. Therefore, it will help you in increasing your productivity as you can upload large files without wasting any time. On the other hand, you have to wait for hours to transfer or upload large files with a traditional broadband connection.

No Data Restriction

Typical broadband services may have a cap on data usage limitations, but leased line providers offer businesses the benefit of unlimited data use. As a result, it is a perfect solution for large organisations that transfer large data files or businesses dealing with intensive software programmes.   

High speeds

ADSL connections are advertised to provide up to 8Mbps, but you can get this speed only when you are near a telephone exchange. And speed slows down as you go away from the exchange. In contrast, leased line UK is able to provide a speed that you can not get from ADSL. It comes in a range of 2Mbps to 10Gbps, and you will get a guaranteed speed for which you have paid.

Better Service Level Agreement

With dedicated internet lines, you can get the benefit of enhanced service level agreements (SLAs). It describes the quality of services you can get from your service provider. With SLA in place, it is ensured that any faults in the network will be fixed within a short time, and if you experience an extended period of downtime, your line rentals will be repaid.


Leased lines use fibre optic cables to provide you with an internet connection that is resistant to any electrical interference. In addition, it uses high-grade hardware, which is more reliable than ADSL connections which use copper wires.

Secure Connection

As it is a dedicated connection that is not shared with any other local business, it offers greater security against cyberattacks. It is difficult for hackers to breach this security. That is Why it is ideal for organisations that handle sensitive client information.  

Drawbacks Of Leased Line

Along with the benefits, a dedicated connection has some drawbacks that you should keep in mind before choosing it for your business.


The installation cost of a dedicated internet line is higher than that of a traditional broadband connection or ADSL. However, the cost is decreasing over time. Therefore, you should shop around and make price comparisons to find the right deal.

Installation Time

The installation of a leased line is a lengthy process, and sometimes it takes up to three months. It is because it involves the installation of fibre optic cables that is a complex process and includes digging of roads. So if you want to get a quick connection, it may not be a suitable option for you. 

In addition, it is a complex system that can be difficult to understand. Therefore, you should study carefully about this connection and ask your service provider about anything you do not understand.

It depends on your business connectivity requirements and budget whether you should get a dedicated internet connection or not. However, it can help you in improving your business connectivity. At first glance, it may seem that a fibre leased line is expensive compared to other internet connections, but with its benefits, you can see that it is worth every penny.

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Is It Worth Having A Leased Line Connection |

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