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Is This the Best Time to Sell a Home in Tampa or Should You Wait?

By analyzing actual sales data for real estate in Tampa, you can get a better idea of when it is ideal to list your house and when to wait. 

You may find someone interested in buying your Florida home quickly and be able to maximize your profit by timing the listing of your Tampa, Florida house just perfectly. And if you want to make the most money, it’s best to sell when the market conditions are at their best.

Obviously, this is just a fragment of the whole. When is the best time to list? That depends on your specific circumstances and where you live. If you want to know when the ideal time is to sell your home, you should hire a real estate professional in Tampa who is familiar with the area.

The Best and Worst Time to Sell Your Home in Tampa, Florida

Prices for Tampa real estate often decrease significantly in the fall due to low demand, so the autumn months aren’t usually the best time to sell. If you have any wiggle room in your schedule, try to time your sales towards the end of spring or even the beginning of summer. This is when buyer demand is high and the competition is fierce, which is when the market tends to heat up, making it a good time to sell.

If you want to sell your home, the “perfect” moment to do so may vary depending on your individual circumstances and long-term plans. However, if you’re like the majority of sellers, then this is when you ought to list your Tampa home if you want to get the most money and spend the least amount of time on the market.

Local markets tend to go in different directions, so it’s important to do your homework and talk to a Realtor® because they can give you the most accurate insight into the market and help you get ready.

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So, Could Today be the Best Time to Sell?

If you are looking to get the most money possible from the sale of your home in Florida, the hottest month to do it is June, when prices are 11.28 percent higher than the state’s average. May would be the ideal month to list your property because it usually takes 14 fewer days for a home to close during this month than any other.

On the flip side, if you’re hoping to sell your home for as much as you can, you’ll want to avoid listing in September. During this month, home prices tend to be at their lowest. Likewise, if you’re hoping to have your home sold in the shortest amount of time possible, January would be the month to avoid because the average amount of time a house spends on the market is 56 days.

You may still sell your property fast by seeking out a buyer who’ll pay cash, or if your house meets the requirements, you could sell to an iBuyer. However, since cash transactions don’t require the involvement of banks or lenders, the deal could close in a matter of days rather than months. But, remember to do your research before selling to a cash buyer. You don’t want to sell your home for less than it’s worth!

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