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My 5-Year Pen Pal Jake Turkey

My 5-Year Pen Pal Jake Turkey is a fictional character created by Henry, who has been communicating with this fictitious character since 2010. The goal of the journal entry is to encourage others to have a pen pal or diary during their time in school or when they are in college.


Jake Turkey is a pen pal I started correspondence in the Summer of 2017. We bonded over our love of video games and pop culture and have continued to write back and forth ever since.

2. What makes Jake such a great pen pal is his willingness to share anything and everything that’s on his mind. He’s open about his experiences, feelings, and thoughts, which makes for an interesting and engaging read.

3. Jake is a great guy with a lot to offer, and I’m excited to continue corresponding with him in the years to come.

Jake Turkey’s Origin Story

Jake Turkey is from, of all places, Turkey. He was born in the city of Izmir on the Mediterranean coast in 1985. His family had a strong love for language and literature, so at an early age, Jake started to learn how to speak and write several languages.

2. Jake’s Love for Letters and Words

Jake’s love for letters and words began early on in his life. He would often spend hours writing letters to friends and family back home in Turkey. He loved hearing their responses, as hearing from people he loved made him feel really close to them.

3. Jake’s First Pen Pal

Jake’s love for letters led him to become pen pals with a young American girl named Sarah. They started corresponding in 2002, and they kept in touch until Sarah’s death in 2006. During that time, they wrote over 1,000 letters to each other.

4. Jake Becomes a Pen Pal Ambassador

Following Sarah’s death, Jake decided to dedicate his life to helping other people become pen pals too. He started the Pen Pals International charity in her memory and has since helped countless people connect with their loved ones across the world.

The Book: Jake Turkey

Jake Turkey is my -year pen pal. We have been corresponding for the past year and I have really enjoyed getting to know him. Jake is a great guy and I am excited to continue our correspondence next year.

Jake’s book, “Jake Turkey: A Year in the Life of a Wild Turkey,” tells the story of Jake, a wild turkey who lives in a farm in Ohio. The book is filled with photos and drawings that show Jake at different points in his life. Jake is a fascinating character and his story is interesting, informative, and entertaining.

I highly recommend Jake Turkey: A Year in the Life of a Wild Turkey to anyone who wants to read something entertaining and informative. I am looking forward to continuing our correspondence next year and getting to know Jake even better.

Questions and Answers With Jake Turkey

1. What is your name?

My name is Jake Turkey. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

2. What grade are you in?

I’m in grade 8.

3. Who is your pen pal from before?

My last pen pal was Luke from Canada. We wrote for about two and a half years before he stopped writing to me. I really miss our chats!

4. How did you come up with the idea to start a pen pal relationship with Jake Turkey?

Well, I think it just kind of happened organically. I started talking to Jake on MySpace and we just hit it off really well. We talked about a lot of different things and enjoyed each other’s company immensely! I think it just made sense for us to continue our friendship through pen pals!


Jake Turkey has been my pen pal for the past year, and I have never enjoyed anything more. He is an incredible person with a heart of gold, and I am so lucky to have him in my life. Jake is always sending me hilarious pictures, interesting articles, and heartfelt messages, and I can’t wait to continue corresponding with him for years to come. Thank you, Jake!

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