Preparing for the Digital LSAT

Is your post-college-graduation destination to become a lawyer? If you’re hoping to attend a prestigious law school, then you must score well on the LSAT exam. Maybe you’ve seen the movie Legally Blonde and you recall how hard Elle Woods had to prepare for the LSAT.

There’s no doubt that it’s difficult to score well on the LSAT. However, just as anything in life goes, hard work and dedication can help you reach your goal and make the impossible seem possible.

Things to know about digital LSAT

Traditionally, the LSAT has been administered as a paper-based exam. Soon, it’s going to be digital. The transition from the paper-based to the digital LSAT will start in July 2019, and then the LSAT will be fully digital starting in September 2019.

Those who are anxious about the new format of the exam will be glad to know that if you are taking the test in July 2019, you will get a unique opportunity: once you see your score, you can decide to keep it or cancel it. If you cancel it, you can take the test again for free through April 2020.

Under the new digital format, on test day, you will be provided with an Android tablet at the exam center. You can use your finger or the stylus provided to select answers for the multiple-choice questions.

You will get a keyboard for the Writing part. The tablet will have features like high-contrast text, large text, color correction, a zoom option, etc. You will also be given scrap paper for taking notes.

The format of the digital LSAT

Rest assured that the format of the digital LSAT is exactly the same as the paper-based LSAT. There will be one Games section, one Reading Comprehension, and two Logical Reasoning sections. You will get 35-minutes for each section.

You’ll also have an experimental section and a Writing Sample. The only difference is that the questions will be displayed on the screen of the tablet rather than on the paper. Also, you will need to input the answers on the tablet instead of writing them on paper.

You will get a 5-minute warning before the end of each section. There will be the option of a lagging question on the screen that will allow you to return to a question later on if needed.

As far as your LSAT test prep goes, you can still practice on the LSAC questions from the old paper-based exams. Digital practice versions are not yet available.

Advantages of digital LSAT

The digital LSAT has a number of advantages over the paper-based LSAT. Here, we will discuss the positive sides of the digital LSAT.

  • You will get your score instantly. However, it will only be a scaled score. You will get the detailed performance report after six weeks. With digital LSAT, your scores will be reported to your desired law schools faster.
  • The digital exam is straightforward to administer. There is no need to distribute testing materials like question papers. The support services needed for conducting the exam is much less in this case.
  • The digital testing method is much secure than the previous testing format. No hard copy of the exam content will be available, so there is no chance of leakage of questions before the exam. You will only be able to see the questions once, on-screen in the testing room.
  •  More exams will be conducted every year due to ease of administering the exam. So, you will now have nine LSAT exams annually.
  • The digital LSAT is simply the exact same LSAT, except you’ll be taking it on a tablet instead of by using paper and a pencil. The format of the exam remains exactly the same. You won’t need to take any extra preparation for it. Digital LSAT will make your admission procedure faster.

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