Retail Signage Ideas

Did you know that 60 percent of customers make buying decisions at the point of sale?

Retail signage placed at these points, and at different spots throughout the store, can make a big impact on sales. Strategically creating signs that nudge customers toward a certain end goal may even help you reach yours in no time. But how can you get started?

Luckily, we’re here to help. Read on to learn four of the best ideas out there.

Take It Outside

One of the biggest goals of retail signage is to increase sales, and the best way to do this is by getting customers through the door.

Creating signs that capture a customer’s attention outside is going to help you do exactly this, especially in pedestrian-friendly areas. They’re great for attracting attention through interesting information. It’s meant to draw them in but also set an expectation of what they can expect inside.

Direct Customer Flow

Using creative signage along with custom solutions like Slatwall panels can help direct customer flow in your store.

This is great during busy periods, as it helps keep crowds from forming. It’s also used to let people know where things like the restrooms or elevators are located.

Typically, you should use bold, large fonts and bold colors to make things easier for customers to spot.

Use Lighting

Lighting is another great way to draw attention and then guide people in.

Using accent lighting in areas that you’d like to highlight is a great way to attract customers to specific products. You can also use more nostalgic lighting (like string lights around Christmas) to help things feel cozy and evoke a comforting feeling. They’ll want to mimic that feeling in their homes, and they’re a lot more likely to walk away with something festive.

Get Persuasive

Finally, you can turn to persuasive quotes. These can be used to capture customer attention in a way that empowers, humor, and generally gives them a good feeling about your store.

It’s a great way to welcome them in. It’s also an easy way to work your brand voice into the customer experience without being overwhelming. This is important because it helps your business build brand recognition.

The more familiar a person is with your brand, the more comfortable they’re going to feel doing business with you. Your signs are an easy and fun way to get this point across in order to help drive sales.

Don’t Forget These Retail Signage Ideas

When it comes to retail signage, the possibilities you have are endless. Whether you’re trying to attract new customers or keep your current ones coming back, taking advantage of unique ideas is an excellent marketing tactic. If you had any ideas while reading this, there’s no better time to put them into action than now.

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