Rule34video and the Problem with On-Site Definitions

Rule34video is a subreddit on Reddit that’s dedicated to all things porn-related. This includes videos of people having sex, some of them are NSFW (Not Safe For Work). However, there’s one problem with the definition for this particular keyword it’s not on the page.

What is Rule34video?

Rule34video is a pornographic video site that features videos of characters from the popular webcomic, Rule 34. Rule34video is often criticized for being a site where users can find any character they desire, regardless of the legality or appropriateness of those depictions.

Rule34video was created in November of 2007 by then-19-year-old Jack Off Jill user NekoAurora. The site quickly gained popularity due to its wide selection of Rule 34 videos and ease of use. In 2009, Forbes listed Rule34video as one of the world’s most popular websites.

Despite its widespread popularity, there has been significant criticism of Rule34video over the past decade. Most notably, rule 34 violations have resulted in serious legal consequences for both users and creators of rule 34 content.

In March 2014, YouTuber Philip DeFranco was arrested and charged with possession and distribution of child pornography after uploading a video featuring an underage girl from his show ScrewAttack performing a sex act on Mario. Two years later, DeFranco was sentenced to 10 months in jail and required to register as a sex offender.

In addition to legal issues, rule 34 content has also been met with social backlash. Many viewers find the rampant sexualization of children offensive and inappropriate. As such, some have advocated for stricter regulation or even outright banning of rule 34 content online.

Despite these challenges, rule 34 remains one of the most popular genres on

Who Created Rule34video?

Rule34video is a popular website that features short, pornographic videos of characters from various video games. These videos are typically labeled with a specific game, such as Super Smash Bros. or Final Fantasy XV, and may include footage from the game itself, as well as fan-made clips.

Rule34video has been around since at least 2007, but it gained significant attention in early 2017 after Nintendo announced that it would be removing all explicit sexual content from its online games. This announcement led to an increase in Rule34videos featuring characters from Nintendo games, as fans had plenty of new material to work with.

However, this change also created a problem for Rule34video users: now there was no clear way to identify which videos were related to which games. Without any official labeling system, users were free to upload whatever they wanted and label it however they pleased. This led to rampant unsanctioned remixing and reuploading of videos, which can often result in videos being labeled inaccurately or completely wrong.

This problem reached its climax earlier this year when Nintendo released Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For the first time ever, every character in the game could be playable (including ones that hadn’t been added yet). This caused an influx of new Rule34videos featuring characters who had never appeared in a video before – including some that were clearly not meant for adult viewers.

Who Uses Rule34video on the Internet?

Rulevideo is a website that has a section on the homepage called “On-Site Definitions.” On-Site Definitions is a subsection of Rulevideo that is devoted to defining pornographic terms and concepts. Rulevideo’s definition of pornography includes videos and images that are considered to be sexually explicit.

Rulevideo defines pornography as images or videos that depict nudity, sexual activity, or other explicit sexual content. Rulevideo’s definition excludes benign images and videos, such as those featuring people exercising or playing sports.

There are many websites on the Internet that feature pornographic videos and images. Some of these websites allow users to upload their own videos and images, while others rely on user submissions from other users. In either case, the vast majority of pornographic videos and images on the Internet are found on sites like Rule video.

The problem with Rulevideo’s definition of pornography is that it is too restrictive. It excludes benign images and videos, which makes it difficult for people to find legal pornography online. It also leaves room for subjective interpretation by individual site moderators, which can lead to controversial decisions about what constitutes pornography.

How does Rule34Video Fit into Online Culture?

Rule34Video is a website that primarily serves as a repository for videos of people performing various sexual acts, often with fictional characters or characters from video games. The website has been compared to PornHub, and its popularity has led to it becoming an entrenched part of online culture.

Rule34Video has been criticized for promoting an objectification of women and treating sex as a performance instead of a relationship, but the site has also been praised for its subversive humor and breaking down taboos around sexuality.

Rule34Video emerged on 4chan in 2008 as a way to archive porn GIFs. It was initially used as a place to share the porn that wasn’t allowed on other websites, but it quickly became popular for sharing explicit clips featuring characters from video games and other pop culture icons. As the website grew more popular, it began to attract attention from mainstream media outlets.

In March 2017, CNN featured Rule34Video in their article The rise of rule 34″ after reporting on how the website had influenced the development of new video game content.

Rule34Video is controversial because it promotes the objectification of women. Many users are guilty of using Rule34Videos as a way to humiliate or exploit female characters without consequence. This problem intensified after YouTube removed several NSFW videos featuring Nintendo character Peach from their channel in February 2018 following complaints from Nintendo. rule 34video


Rule34video is a great resource for finding and sharing adult content, but it has its problems. For one thing, on-site definitions can be pretty vague and sometimes inaccurate. This means that the videos you find there may not actually depict what you think they do.

Additionally, Rule34videos (like all online content) is vulnerable to algorithm changes that could reduce or even delete certain types of content. So use Rule34video with caution and make sure you understand the terms of service before posting any content.

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