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Smartphone Kickstand: Why You Need One and How To Choose

97% of Americans have a cell phone of some kind. But almost as many people have a smartphone these days! According to Pew Research, 85% of people in the US have a smartphone.

You are probably one of these people. But do you have a kickstand for your smartphone? If not, you need to know about these incredible smartphone accessories because they are a total game changer!

Want to know why? And curious about how to shop for smartphone stands? Then you better keep reading this guide because we are answering these questions and more next!

What Is a Smartphone Kickstand?

A smartphone kickstand is an accessory that can help support your phone while you are not holding it. Smartphone stands come in many sizes, shapes, designs, colors, and materials.

We will discuss the different types of cell phone stands later in this article. But one of the most important factors in buying a smartphone stand is to choose the right accessory for your phone make and model.

For example, you can shop for Google Pixel phone cases and accessories, including kickstands, at the link.

The Benefits of Getting a Cell Phone Stand

By now, you may be wondering: why should I get a stand for my phone? My hands work just fine! If that sounds like you, check out the following benefits of using smartphone stands.

Be Handsfree

We all live busy lives. As such, multitasking is a daily occurrence. But to multitask effectively, you have to find a way to be hands-free while talking on the phone and performing other tasks.

Smartphone stands can help you do just that. You can put your phone on its stand, whether you are on FaceTime or talking on the phone. Then, your hands will be free to do whatever else you need to get done.

If you choose a kickstand with a charger built into it, you can use your phone on the go while giving your battery juice. This reason alone is usually enough for customers to come running for smartphone stands!

Horizontal Viewing

Love watching movies, YouTube videos, and other visual content? Then you already know that everything looks better when viewed horizontally.

Yet, when you are on the go, hands-free horizontal viewing can be tricky. There is always the risk of dropping your phone since the manufacturer designed it to be held vertically. This is where your smartphone kickstand can come in.

Kickstands can be configured to hold your phone horizontally or vertically. That way, you can watch your favorite movies and videos with ease.

Stop Muffling Your Speaker

Have you ever been talking on the phone and cooking dinner and had to set your phone down vertically? You may have noticed that the person on the other end of your call can not hear you as well.

That is because your smartphone speaker sits at the bottom of your phone. When you set it down vertically, you are putting the phone on top of the speaker. That is why you sound so muffled.

With a smartphone kickstand, you can eliminate this problem once and for all. Kickstands hold your phone up vertically without muffling the speaker. That way, you can multitask as you please.

Shopping for a Mobile Phone Stand

There are a ton of options when searching for smartphone stands. You can get a mobile phone case with a stand. Or you can buy a kickstand meant specifically for holding your phone in the car or while you are at work.

So, the first step in choosing the right phone stand for you is to determine your goals. How will you use your phone kickstand? Once you determine the answer to this question, you can move on to the next step.

The next step in finding the right smartphone stand for your goals is to identify your options. Below, we will guide you through the different types of phone stands that are available.

Cell Phone Case With Stand

Many cell phone cases come with stands these days. This is especially true for cases that fit smartphones. Your case may come with a foldable kickstand that you can snap back into the case when you aren’t using it.

Accessories like pop sockets and ring stands can also help hold up your phone. You can get cases with these products included. Or you can purchase them separately to add to your existing phone case.

Phone Stands for Cars

Do you like to talk on the phone during your commute? If so, you are going to love this option. Car smartphone kickstands adhere to the dashboard or clip onto your vents for easy, hands-free phone use while you are driving.

You can pick up phone holders for your car in various materials. Vent clip phone stand manufacturers often use plastic, metal, or a combination of both. You could even get a leather car phone stand to match your vehicle’s interior.

Phone Stands for Recording

A tripod is a type of phone stand you can use if you like to record videos or take photos on your phone. You can also consider getting a tripod with a ring light attached to it for the best video/photo lighting of your life!

The other great thing about using a phone stand for recording is that you will get a much steadier shot. Your phone holder will help control the shakes that come from natural hand movement.

Charging Smartphone Kickstands

This guide would not be complete if we didn’t mention the charging phone stand! These powerful phone accessories do two things in one. They hold up your phone for hands-free use and keep your phone fully juiced at all times.

The Laptop Phone Holder

You can affix laptop and computer phone holders to your desktop or laptop computer. This is great for getting multiple views at work. Or it keeps you connected to your family when you have to work during a family crisis.

Want More Techy Tips?

If you have a smartphone, you need a kickstand. It can help you multitask like a boss, take videos like a pro, or relax with a movie on your smartphone screen. Just make sure you get the right stand for your phone model!

Are you searching for more articles like this one? Keep checking back every day for more tips for techies like you!

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