The Best Hair Removal Methods, Ranked

Did you know that there are 85,971 hair removal businesses in the US?

Hair removal is essential for many women to feel confident in their skin and their clothing. For this reason, women worldwide spend lots of money and time removing unwanted hair. But which hair removal methods work best?

There are myriad options to help you remove that unwanted hair. Look at our guide to the best hair removal methods and how they stack up against one another!


One of the best hair removal methods is shaving because it’s relatively easy and inexpensive. The pros of shaving include that it doesn’t require pre-treatment of the hair, eliminates itching, and is easily maintained. It leaves your skin feeling smooth, is chemical-free, and the supplies needed are readily available and affordable.

However, some of the cons of shaving include that daily maintenance is required due to fast re-growth, and irritation and razor burn can result. It can also cause some ingrown hairs and pull on the skin, as well as potentially lead to nicks and cuts during the process.

Laser Hair Removal

This method is known for effectively removing unwanted and stubborn hair from almost any area of the body. The laser’s energy targets the hair follicle, and the pigment in the follicle absorbs the energy. This destroys the follicle and prohibits further growth of hair.

It is safe, fast, and used on any area of the body, from the face to the legs and more. Another benefit of laser hair removal is that it permanently reduces hair growth and can lead to silky-smooth skin. Therefore, laser hair removal is definitely a top choice when it comes to the best hair removal methods ranked.


This method of hair removal has been around for centuries. It’s known to be a more natural alternative to other hair removal techniques.

The main advantage of sugaring hair removal is that it is gentler and less abrasive than waxing, as the sugar paste is a non-porous material. This means that it does not absorb dead skin cells or cause any type of skin irritation.

When done correctly and with patience, sugaring can provide an excellent solution to unwanted hair. If you would like to learn more about sugaring, click for more information.


This method of hair removal involves the application of hot wax to the area of the skin where you want to remove hair. The wax is left on the skin for a few minutes and then quickly removed, taking the hair with it.

It can remove the entire hair shaft, including the root, and can be performed on the entire body, including sensitive areas. The wax used should be specially formulated for the hair type and area being treated. After the waxing treatment, it is important to keep the area cleansed and hydrated to protect the skin while allowing hair to regrow soft and fine.

Effective Hair Removal Methods

Hair removal can be time-consuming and intimidating for many people. Fortunately, there are a variety of effective hair removal methods that make it a manageable process. From shaving and sugaring to waxing and laser treatments, each one offers its own benefits.

Do your research on each method to determine what will work best for you. If you need any help selecting the right method, contact a licensed dermatologist.

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