The Clean Facts on the Different Types of Trash Cans

Who doesn’t need a place to throw their garbage?

Garbage cans have been around for a long time, and for a good reason. They’ve become a nearly essential piece of equipment for public and industrial places alike.

Knowing the right type of cans for your job is half the job itself. But how do you know what you need?

Don’t sweat it. Here are the types of trash cans sorted out.

Types of Trash Cans: Materials to Choose From

Trash cans come in various types, shapes, sizes, and materials to fit any home or business. When considering any type of trash receptacle, consider the volume of the trash, the type of environment, and the materials available.


When you buy a trash can, plastic types can be lightweight and economical, making them ideal for shopping malls, hospitals, and educational institutions.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cans are heavy-duty, rust-resistant, odor-proof, and durable, making them suitable for high-traffic areas such as restaurants, grocery stores, and industrial settings.

Durable plastic-coated steel models are versatile and can be used for residential and commercial purposes.


Concrete trash cans are durable and reliable, making them great for large outdoor spaces such as parks, sporting events, and public spaces. It is ideal for the secure disposal of hazardous waste.

Basic Lid

When considering the type of trash can to use in any setting, it’s important to keep in mind the various lid types. Make sure you segregate your waste properly.

Manual Lid Opening Trash Can

First, the basic lid type is typically the most economical and widely available. It allows for easy disposal of common objects and is designed to fit long-handled tools and plastic bags.

Flip Top or Hinged Lid Trash Can

The flip-top lid is a more secure alternative, offering a substantial shut lid. Enhance this design’s security with the ability to lock the top with a special key, depending on the specific model.

Hands-Free Lid

Hands-free lid trash cans have a lid that opens and closes without a person touching it by hand. These are useful in high-traffic areas where a traditional lid requires each user to open it manually.

Step On Trash Can

Step-on trash cans provide a hygienic option, providing a foot pedal to open the lid, which is helpful in a busy environment when hands are either full or dirty.

Touch-free Smart Trash Can

The newest technology in trash cans is the Touch-free smart bin. Motion-sensor lids are also widely available and entirely hands-free.

This is the hi-tech solution for spaces where hygiene and safety are of paramount importance, such as hospitals or other public facilities.

Single vs. Multiple Bins

Single-compartment trash can types are great for small areas with limited space. They keep litter in one place and can have a removable liner.

Multiple-compartment cans allow for the specific sorting of different types of waste and recyclables. They are an ideal choice for places that produce a lot of waste and need a system to help streamline the disposal process.

Pick Your Trash Can

The bottom line is, whatever the size of your space, there are types of trash cans to help keep your area clean and tidy. Head down to your favorite hardware and choose the right can for you!

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