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Top 5 ways to stay healthy using your smartphone

While it is possible for anyone to download a health or fitness application onto his/her smartphone, how often and effectively you use it is what matters the most. Let’s take you through the top 5 ways in which you can use your smartphone to stay healthy.

Set up health-related reminders

The reminder function on your smartphone shouldn’t be just about getting to your next business appointment on time. You must also use it for health purposes, for instance, to remind yourself about your scheduled workouts, medications, etc.

If you have a tendency of staying up late, perhaps you can set up a reminder to hit the sack on time. Many people even turn their mobile phones into mind gyms, thereby improving their mental fitness.

pps to eat healthy

You can make use of some effective phone app to decipher food labels easily. Such apps allow you to scan the UPC code and instantly inform you about the ingredients. You can even learn about healthier alternatives of the same kind.

Then there are certain apps that instantly tell you about the nutritional values of different food recipes. Such apps can be very helpful for home cooks who don’t want to depend upon food labels to calculate the total number of calories.

Make optimum use of the phone timer

Research has revealed that millions of Britons brush their teeth only once a day when it is highly recommended to do it twice, once in the morning and then before going to bed.

Then we also know that we must brush our teeth for no less than 2 minutes, but do you really do that? Why not let the phone timer on your smartphone help you out in both these departments?!

On the other hand, if you have any time management issues, you can always use this timer to track the time taken for the concerned tasks and then devise appropriate strategies to reduce it. You can even use the timer to increase the length of time you can hold a plank pose! All in all, it’s an excellent utility that is often undermined and underused.

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Medical condition management

There are specific apps available for easy management of complex health conditions. For instance, a person suffering from fibromyalgia can use an app to track his/her medications, migraines, pain levels, and treatments alongside the outcomes.

All these details can then be shared with the doctor later. These apps also store information related to doctor appointments, lab reports, and medicine refills.

Workout tracking

There are several fitness apps that can help you track all kinds of workouts. Some of the basic features of these apps include tracking the distance, a number of steps, speed, elevation level, and the route taken, all of which can be easily shared on social media platforms too.

Certain fitness apps can also motivate you by allowing you to compete with different people across the world. For instance, the Nike+ app maintains a record of all your runs, and depending upon the goal you had set for yourself earlier it would tell you how many more miles you must cover to stay on track, in your next workout.

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