Top 8 Creative Uses of Custom Embroidered Patches

The research found it takes seven seconds to make a winning first impression, which you can do with accessories like custom embroidered patches.

Custom patches have several creative uses, from boasting your sports team to displaying your name in the workplace. But, if you’re unfamiliar with this style of patch, it’s difficult knowing why they’re important. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want to learn more about patches and want to see if they apply to your life.

Hit the nail on the head? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are eight uses of custom embroidered patches.

1. Sports Uniform

One of the most popular uses for iron on patches is on a sports uniform. Regardless of the sport, you’ll notice that most embroidered patches feature the team’s name, mascot, and even its hometown. The beauty is that these are useful for all levels, whether it’s a kid’s soccer team or the NBA, which shows how much of an impact they have.

2. Uniform Patches

Another reason to get custom embroidery patches is for uniforms. Many schools have blazers complete with a patch, or a company may want one for their employees. Aside from looking professional, a uniform patch instantly shows the public where they work.

3. Military Uniform

Most military uniforms also feature custom embroidery patches. This is key for displaying to the public their rank, member, and even unit. It’s also a great way of boosting morale and serving as a memento whenever a military member leaves.

4. Marketing and Promotional Patch

One of the most popular types of embroidered patches is for marketing and promotional purposes. Many businesses miss out when they don’t stitch these onto their employees’ uniforms or merch. For instance, a custom embroidery patch looks fantastic on a coat, hat, and even backpack.

It also means you’re constantly raising brand awareness and bringing your logo into spaces that may be unrelated to your industry. A bonus is that businesses can hand out patches to trade exhibitions or gatherings so that you’re instantly memorable.

5. Organizations and Clubs

When you mention “Harley Davidson”, the first thing you imagine is their arresting logo slapped on a bike jacket. But motorcycle clubs aren’t the only organization that embraces patches, as they’re popular with boy scouts and even musicians.

6. Law Enforcement

Out of all the uses of custom embroidered patches, this is the most common. Individuals in police and security uniforms often sport these on their shoulders. Not only does it inform others of their profession, but patches also demonstrate authority.

7. Name Patch

Many employees wear name patches to show customers who they are. You’ll also find their job titles displayed too. If they didn’t have a name patch, individuals would feature the business’ logo instead.

8. Anniversaries

Although it’s less common, couples may decide to commemorate their anniversary with a custom embroidered patch. Partners should work together and design a patch that best represents their relationship. Or, if you’re planning a wedding, hand out custom embroidered patches so that attendees can remember the big day forever.

Benefits of Custom Patches

You’ve learned the basics, but are you familiar with the custom embroidered patches benefits?

Patches are most beneficial when you’re demanding authority or in professional settings. It also lets the users have full creative control over the custom patch so that it aligns with their needs. For instance, if your volleyball team’s colors are yellow and green, then you’d use a yellow backdrop with green thread.

Further, you’ll notice that embroidered patches are durable, which explains why police officers and even healthcare professionals wear them. Plus, embroidered patches never become dull, regardless of how many times you wash them.

Another benefit is how cost-effective patches are.

Because of this, small businesses can afford to mass-produce patches and prevent waste. For example, if you directly print on uniforms and it rips, then you must throw everything away. To make it even more affordable, find a company that doesn’t have a minimum order value so that you’re not charged by over or under-ordering.

How to Design Custom Embroidered Patches

So, you’ve fallen in love with custom embroidered patches and want to design your own.

Once you’ve decided on the purpose, aim for a bold design and text. You don’t, for example, want a tiny, cursive font because it’s harder to read. Also, choose contrasting colors as it helps your patch instantly stand out from others in your industry.

When you’ve chosen a maximum of three colors, add a complimentary border to make the patch look neater and more defined. Professionals also suggest this because it completes the patch and prevents loose threads from hanging out.

But the most important rule is to keep it simple. Although it’s tempting to jam several elements into the patch, you don’t want to confuse the viewer, especially if you run a small business. To prevent this problem, work with a designer and practice until you’re 100% ready for printing.

And if you want a more intricate design, then go with a larger patch. This gives you more space for detail and prevents the patch from looking overcrowded.

Top Uses for Custom Embroidered Patches

Hopefully, you’re now an expert on custom embroidered patches and their uses.

There are many reasons why custom patches are a must, such as in workplace settings or even in the military. You may also want to design a custom patch for promotional purposes or if you’re part of a club.

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