What is the Çeirir?

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The Çeirir is an ancient Turkish folktale about a princess who goes on a journey to find her true love. Along the way, she encounters many obstacles but eventually finds her prince in the form of a donkey. The Çeirir is one of Turkey’s most popular folktales and is often used as an allegory for life’s journey.

How to pronounce the word Çeirir

The word “çeirir” is derived from the Turkish word “çaire”, meaning “wine”. It can be pronounced either as “seer-er” or “sair-er”, depending on how it is pronounced in the region where it is used.

Definition of the word Çeirir

The Çeirir is a type of bagpipe originating from the Aegean region in Turkey. It has a double reed pipe that is often played in pairs.

History of the word Çeirir

The word Çeirir is first mentioned in the Ottoman Turkish lexicon in the 15th century. The word Çeirir means “a kind of watery liquor” and comes from the Arabic word شيري meaning “wine.” In Ottoman times, Çeirir was made from wheat, raisins, and honey. It was a popular drink among the ruling classes and was often served at weddings and other social events.


The Çeirir is an ancient Turkish stringed instrument that has been played by famous musicians such as Mehmet Ali Ertegun and Béla Bartók. The Çeiririr is known for its unique sound, which is said to be reminiscent of the wind and rain. If you are interested in learning more about this intriguing instrument, read on for our comprehensive guide to understanding the Çeirir.

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