What You Need To Know Before Entering a Casino

Entering a casino for the first time is intimidating! Several preconceived ideas circulate about this singular universe, which conveys many fantasies. To best appreciate this experience, it is better to be prepared and to have disentangled the true from the false. Find here everything you need to know before entering a casino.


We all have in mind films with scenes taking place in casinos. Whether it’s James Bond or a hero played by Robert De Niro, Hollywood characters often have the rule of putting themselves on the 31 when they have decided to burn…

In reality, it all depends on the casinos. Some rare brands make it a point of honor that their customers are very well-dressed. But the vast majority of casinos adopt the policy of “correct dress required”. A clean outfit, which does not shock or inconvenience the rest of the customers is enough.

But to avoid any unpleasant surprises, the easiest way is probably to call the establishment before setting off. This will ensure that you don’t make any mistakes.


Several other things are to know in order to make the most of this unique experience. One is often struck by the hustle and bustle when entering a casino for the first time. Better to gradually get used to this atmosphere. Don’t worry, you have no obligation to play if you don’t feel like it.

Most casinos have a bar. Do not hesitate to go there to familiarize yourself with the place. Some casinos even offer points for eating out, such as snack bars or restaurants. It is recommended not to take a credit card, at least for your first visits. It is best to come to the casino with a sum of cash fixed in advance. You will be sure to keep a cool head in this confusing universe, and above all you will be able to approach things with complete peace of mind.

When you feel it, you can finally get started! Most of the time, you have to go and exchange part of your money for coins at the central cash desks. You’re spoiled for choice: slot machines, poker table or even craps… an incalculable number of adventures await you.

In an Online Casino


For a novice casino player, the difference between a traditional slot machine and video poker is not obvious. However, these 2 machines require the adoption of various strategies. So that you are ready to make your first games in a casino, discover here the main differences between video poker and slot machines.


Each slot machine is programmed according to a percentage between the winnings wagered and the winnings returned. This way, the closer the probability gets to 100%, the more chance you have of winning money or at least repaying your bet. Some machines, loose slots, even have winning probabilities of over 100%. Still, others will offer you a progressive jackpot. 

These jackpots are often higher than those offered by video poker thanks to higher attendance. These evolve according to the winnings bet by the players until they are won and reset. However, do not simply rely on the amount displayed, your chances of winning remain the same regardless of the amount indicated.

A poker player can estimate his chances of winning based on the hands given to him. Each card has an equal probability of being drawn, if there are 20 left in the deck and only one Ace, the probability of it being drawn is therefore 5%. These probabilities must therefore be taken into account. 

For example, a pair of Aces dealt has an 85% chance of winning the hand while Ace-10 offsuit only offers a 61.55% chance. But although more difficult to adopt for a novice player, video poker offers players much more advantageous redistribution rates in order to encourage players.

Namely: On average in France, slot machines have a redistribution rate of 85%, whereas video poker is around 95% thanks to bonuses on draws.


Another important difference between slot machines and video poker is the player’s involvement in the game. Indeed, a slot machine will not allow you to be active with regard to the result. All you have to do is choose your bet and have enough luck for the game to be in your favor. You will therefore have no impact on your odds of winning.

Video poker will allow you to calculate your probabilities based on the hands that are dealt to you and the cards that will be revealed at each turn. It is thus up to you to assess your probability of winning if you have 2 pairs on the River and the probability that the computer has a better hand than yours. The system is the same as in traditional table poker, except that it is impossible for you to assess your opponent’s bluff probabilities.


Slot machines will allow you to evolve in very attractive and always different universes between the machines. This goes for the visual and playful aspect, but not for the strategic aspect. Indeed, whether you are on any slot machine, the principle remains the same, make combinations of symbols in order to win the game.

Video poker will allow you to choose the goal you want to achieve. You can therefore bet to have a better hand than the computer, but you can also bet on your probabilities of having a pair, a set, or even a flush. Of course, the lower the odds, the greater your winnings. Betting on the probability of having a royal flush will win you much more than betting on your probability of having a pair.



Simply put, volatility is how often an online slot machine wins. Volatility is a factor often overlooked by players. However, it is one of the most consequential elements of the game, in terms of winning or losing on virtual slot machines.

In reality, all slot machines available online (as in physical casinos) benefit from a distinct volatility rate configuration. It is this which will mainly define (in addition to luck and chance of course) the frequency as well as the size of the sums that the player will obtain. In other words, the level of volatility of the game allows the bettor to win several small wins, but much more often, to pocket a large sum at once or to obtain average wins at medium intervals.


The different volatility rates of online slots are broken down into three distinct categories.

  • High volatility

High-volatility slots are the ones that provide the most adrenaline and excitement in online casino games. This type of volatility allows you, in fact, to play ten times, without winning anything at all, and it is sure that it will make you turn into a goat. A word of advice: don’t let go, because all of a sudden, you can get a large sum that will completely change your life. You will have the opportunity to test the experience with slot machines from Netent (Dead or Alive) and NextGen (300 Shields). Otherwise, also try Gonzo’s Quest, Merlin’s Millions, or Creature From the Black Lagoon.

  • Average volatility

The average volatility rate is the most used of all slot machine publishers, and it is very widespread in the French virtual casino market. With this type of volatility, you will win small amounts quite frequently. Certainly, the gaming sessions are much longer, but the gains to be obtained are certain. Medium volatility slot machines are mainly intended for players who come to casinos for the simple pleasure of playing and being in the mood without losing too much money. If you are among them, you can launch, for example, slot machines from Netent (Dracula) and Microgaming (Doctor Love)

  • Low volatility

Low volatility slots allow you to play longer sessions, without winning big, but without losing too much money either. This type of volatility therefore regularly pays small gains. It is ideal for players who fulfill their contract with online casinos, welcome bonus wagering requirements and other reload bonuses. If you feel like trying out the experience, check out online slots like Disco Spins, Immortal Romance, Megadeth and South Park. You can also have fun on Rage to Riches from Play’N GO or Jungle Books and Ozwins Jackpot from Yggdrasil.


The volatility level of online slot machines is generally not communicated by the game developers, unlike the payout rate. If you cannot find the information easily, then you should consult the table of payments and read the contents of the latter carefully. 

Once on the page, you will surely notice that the slots offering payouts of more than 10,000 coins for the most valuable icons in the game are high-volatility slots. On the other hand, low-volatility slots do not offer more than 5,000 coins, regardless of the winning symbols. As for medium volatility slots, they offer a maximum win between 5,000 and 10,000 coins.


Are you hesitating between a high and low volatility slot machine? Check your budget first, then your player profile. If you think games that offer more thrill and jackpots are the most exciting, then go for high volatility slots. Be careful though, because this volatility categorization requires a certain amount of money and, of course, big risks. If all of these conditions are right for you then Highly Volatile slots are for you. They allow you to hit a bigger jackpot in one hit.

You just want to have fun, but without losing too much money? Favor low-volatility slot machines. These don’t require you to take big risks, and they’ll save you from spending too much money on an online slot machine.


In fact, the volatility rate of a slot machine is easily recognizable from the frequency of the winnings offered by the game. Does a slot machine pay out (rather large) winnings irregularly to your account? This means that it is set to high volatility. Contrary to this, if the machine pays (modest) winnings on a regular basis to your account, it is simply because it is not very volatile. Otherwise, you can always choose the slots between low and high volatility, because they represent an excellent compromise.

It is very important to remember here that the level of volatility of slot machines offered online (and even in land-based casinos) is set by slot machine publishers. If ever your gaming session fails, the casino operator cannot help you, because he has no power or control over the volatility of the game.


For some time now, online casinos have been offering their customers a withdrawal and deposit method with countless advantages, Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. And since then, it has experienced growing use and is especially popular with Internet users looking for an alternative to conventional currencies. This is for example the case of players in online casinos because nowadays it is possible to bet with bitcoins on slot machines or other games.

bitcoin symbol


Like the euro, the dollar or the pound sterling, Bitcoin is a currency in its own right. However, it stands out because it is a virtual currency. It operates in a decentralized system, that is, it is not under the control of any central authority. This cryptocurrency then makes it possible to make purchases or sales online without having to go through the banks. For online casinos, it is a means of payment with great practicality.

To pay with bitcoins on an online casino, several solutions are available to players. Among other things, there is the possibility of buying bitcoins from an Internet user or an acquaintance. These are “peer-to-peer” purchases. It is also feasible to find bitcoins on online exchanges. Nevertheless, the simplest alternative is undoubtedly the virtual wallets or Wallets allowing to store of bitcoins.

In fact, Wallets are software compatible with PCs or mobile devices (tablets or smartphones). There are countless companies offering trusted and quality virtual wallets. After downloading the wallet, it must be credited by selecting from the payment methods offered. Following these few steps, players will be able to fund their account or withdraw their winnings from online casinos in Bitcoin.


First of all, you should know that the price of Bitcoin is constantly changing. To convert bitcoins into currency, Internet users will find various platforms on the Web explaining how to do this.

In order to access slots or casino games playable with bitcoins, players must first look for an establishment offering this means of payment. Finding these casinos using Bitcoin is not easy, since there are still few of them using this virtual currency. But after finding an operator accepting this cryptocurrency, players will then only have to create their account and then simply fund it. All they have to do is clearly specify the amount they wish to deposit and enter the name of their electronic wallet to activate the operation.


On platforms using Bitcoin, several fun and lucrative games are available to players. Slot machines remain without context one of everyone’s favorite entertainment options. They exist in several versions whether in progressive, classic or video version for the greatest pleasure of amateurs or professionals.

Apart from these slots, other interesting table games are also to be enjoyed. These include online poker, baccarat, craps, blackjack and roulette games. Some establishments even offer live games with a dealer with Bitcoin for fans of the genre.

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